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    I'm still working hard on learning c++ and I was wondering if it is necessary to upgrade to Microsoft's .net environnement.

    I'm using Visual C++ 6 at the moment.

    Thanks in adv.

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    Not necessary, but that's what I'm currently using, and I'm very pleased with it.

    Microsoft puts out a very good book on MSVC++ .net called Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Step by Step. I got a copy on ebay for $10 and I learned a lot from it.
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    Unless there is some new feature that you need, there is no need to upgrade. (Although, I think I've heard that .net is more ANSI compilant.)

    I'm still using MSVC++ 5 at home, and I haven't felt the need to upgrade yet.

    Maybe when MS releases the next operating system (Longhorn?) you'll need a new compiler... maybe...

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    .NET 2003 is a vastly superior compiler to anything before it. It's far more ANSI compliant; previous versions had huge problems. One example is that if new fails on older versions, it will NOT throw, it returns a null pointer. This happened even in 6.0 and I believe 7.0 as well. .NET 2003 (version 7.1) correctly throws std::bad_alloc unless you specify a nothrow version of new.

    Also missing on older versions is full template support, and support for covariant return types, as well as a smattering of other errors.

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    Visual C++.NET support C++ better than VC6.0.

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