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    How can we delete the objects initialised by the pointers automatically in a program without delete[]/delete keyword. Like for example java explicitly runs the garbage collector. Can we do that same way somehow??
    thank you.
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    No, in C/C++ you don't have a garbage collector. In these languages you have to do most of the stuff by yourself. That's why they're so powerful (and not very good for begginers).
    Although I think there is some third-party code you can add to your app to make a sort of garbage collector, they're very slow. Wouldn't recommend it. Besides, it's a good practice to tidy up after you, even in programming.
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    Use something from the standard library like an auto_ptr...
    #include <memory> //for auto_ptr
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    template <class T>
    ostream& operator<< (ostream& strm, const auto_ptr<T>& p)
      if (p.get() == NULL) 
       return strm;
    int main(void)
    int x;
    auto_ptr<int> aPtr(new int); //create an auto_ptr object and allocate mem
    cout<<aPtr<<endl; //only works with overloaded << operator 
    auto_ptr<int> aPtr2(aPtr); //now aPtr2 is equal to aPtr 
    cout<<aPtr<<endl; //ERROR now aPtr is deleted
    //the end
    cin>>x; //just a quickie pause 
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    MSVC++ .NET has a garbage collector. I haven't had any problems with using it although typically I like to clean up after myself anyway.
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    For single objects, use std::auto_ptr or boost::shared_ptr (preferred).

    For arrays, use std::vector (preferred), or boost::shared_array.

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    MSVC++ .NET has a garbage collector.
    Are you talking about managed or unmanaged code? Because if your talking straight C++ there is no garbage collector.

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    Here is a simple garbage collector example I wrote on the C board. Unfortunately, it hasn't been compiled, so you're on your own debugging-wise. But the basic concept is simple:

    1) store the address of the pointer.
    2) store the data that the said pointer points to.


    char * ptr = new char[10240];
    (1) char ** pa = &ptr;
    (2) char * p = ptr;

    So that:

    if(*pa != p) delete [] p;

    Of course you'll need a list or vector of these memory managers.

    Also, you can set up the garbage collection in a low-priority thread, but in most cases, there's no real justification to do so.
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