Thread: Remember pokes.....?

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    Remember pokes.....?

    In the old days of basic you could use a POKE to read a set of 8 numbers stored in DATA to change the character on a keyboard. i.e. if you asked the computer to print an 'a' in this mode it could show whatever your data was i.e. a smiley face, a car etc, Very basic 1 colour graphics, but a good starting point for a program.

    Is there any way of using a similar instruction to make a simple graphics in C++?

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    Devices are protected in windows. You can talk to them via win32 APIs but you can't overpower them as was done back in the days of DOS.

    ...I think you read with PEEK and write with POKE.

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    Hehehe.....One of my favorite programs in the one that did this:
    1) Edit a file to make the computer boot into dos mode
    2) Edit another file to execute only one program when it boots up
    3) Program two would redefine the keyboard to random ASCII characters.

    Both of these programs were written in C. When I get back home I'll try to dig up the source code and display it. I'm not telling which to files you have to edit to make this work but its not hard to find out.

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