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    Is this possible

    I want to make a program that will make a different number of classes based on user input. For example, prompt the user with how many cars he/she wants. Then with that information set up a class that will make itself for as many cars as the person has. Another words, is it possible to make a function to set up classes? Then set up a loop to reapeat it as many times as I want?
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    Use dynamic memory allocation (new & delete), either by using linked lists or allocating an array.

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    Set up classes? I believe you mean objects of classes. Classes themselves cannot be "created" at run-time, unless you count templated classes, which still aren't created at run-time.
    std::vector<Car*> cars; //vector of pointers, to avoid constructor trouble
    int input;
    std::cin >> input;
    for(int i = 0; i < input;++i) //Create (input) cars
         cars.push_back(new Car(constructor_parameters));
    //Do something with all your (input) new cars
    while(cars.size() > 0) //Delete all the cars, free the memory
         delete cars.back();
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