Thread: help me??

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    help me??

    hello friends
    i want 1 sample programming about....... scenery programming used c++ ...
    please help me

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    Please use more describing topics.

    Board Rules - check out nr 8.

    Starting your thread with
    i want 1...
    isnt a good way to start of, it seems like you demanding something.

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    The problem is... Graphics are not part of the ANSI/ISO C++ standard. Most compilers have at least some graphics capabilities, but their library functions are all different.

    All Windows compilers have graphics functions which are part of the Windows API. There are 3rd party graphics libraries such as OpenGL.

    So, the graphics experts here (not me) need to know what compiler and operating system you are using, and the format (jpeg, etc) of the scenery image you are trying to display.

    In general, bitmap images are "easier" to display than GIF, or JPEG images which are encoded/compressed.

    There is some graphics information here in the Programming FAQ. There are some OpenGL tutorials here.

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    You can also display them easily (relatively speaking) with DirectX and the WinAPI. Allegro and SDL are easy to use, (not powerful), but I don't know what kind of support they have for loading files.

    Really, make sure you know C++ at least decently before you start playing with graphics. I fully expect you to ignore that warning, but don't say you didn't get it when you fail

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