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    Just wondering like, is there any difference between
        double d = 12.3456;
        cout << (int) d << endl;
        double d = 12.3456;
        cout << static_cast<int>(d) << endl;
    besides one is a hell of alot shorter to write ? static_cast<> is supposedly a c++ cast while () is more of a c-style cast but does it really matter. Tryed looking through the board but couldnt find any answers. Thanks for any input.

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    I prefer the second style. The first is ambiguous -- it can mean any of three different kinds of casts, and which cast is done is up to the compiler to decide. The second is safer, it checks if that cast is legal.

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    I don't think there is a difference. It's just a style thing. It only really matters when you cast pointers to more derived classes.

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    There's no execution difference. But the static_cast is far easier to find if you're ever looking for casts in your source. Just load it in a text editor and search for [a-z]*_cast. If you're looking for a C-style cast you're going to have problems. () is just too common.
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