Thread: Dev-C++ Not Working! Help ME!!!

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    The compiler is working it is telling you there are errors in your code or that somthing is left out ie using std::cout;

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    WOW! i am so sorry, i thought u guys were just telling me to make a cooler program. all the stuff is all different now. do i need the namespace::cout thing after #include on every file i make?

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    have a read through the FAQ and see if that helps. also, take a look at the tutorials. there is an explanation portion of namespaces there; try reading it, if you feel it is too advanced right now, worry about it later. for now, after you #include the headers you use, it's easiest to include the: using namespace std; line.

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    In most of your more simple console sources it will be a good idea to begin with this structure:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main();
        return 0;
    You have to declare all of the statements you're using that aren't keywords (keywords usually light up in some form or fashion or boldify (I love that word.)), hence the include and using.

    NEVER void main out. At the very least what will happen is somebody jumping down your throat about it.

    Also Dev C++ 4.9.blahblahwhatever is only a beta. If you have problems with it, get version 4.
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