Thread: error class and exceptions

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    error class and exceptions

    I've read the FAQ on try/throw/catch, which is my only knowledge of handling errors like that.

    I'd like to implement an error class in my program, which will basically just recieve the error and output some info about it to a file. (It's just for debugging purposes... fullscreen directx apps are a bit difficult to debug) I was wondering if it's possible to set it up so that I can just throw an exception from any part of the program and it will go to my error class.


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    You'll have to use try/catch blocks around anything you expect to throw an exception.

    There is a way to sort-of provide a global handler, but its not a particularly pretty solution. Basically, you define a macro to encapsulate your try/catch blocks, and provide a default catch for it. Something like this (note, you'll also probably want a version that takes a variable argument and assign it the return value if possible):
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstdlib>
    // The macro.
    #define HANDLEERR(x)                 \
    try { (x); }                         \
    catch(...) {                         \
    std::cout << "Error." << std::endl; }
    // Test program.
    int f()
      std::cout << "In f()..." << std::endl;
      throw -1;
    int main()
      return 0;
    Note, this has all the normal side-effects of macros, and can be hard to debug. Anyway it is a solution. My advice is to stick with the manual try/catch blocks wherever you need them.
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