Thread: open directory and copy files

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    open directory and copy files

    well now

    the task:
    I want to open a directory, open the first file, [done] read some things, create a new name, [/done] copy the file to an other directory with a the new name and delete the old one. Then jump to the next file in the starting directory and do the same, then the next and so on...

    the problem:
    I neither know how to search for a random file (random name) in the directory, nor I know how to copy the file...
    I've tried to copy with getc and putc, getw and putw but none worked because they couldn't read a byte in the source-file and gave me an EOF... so the solution should be able to copy ANY byte in the file, not only chars or something like that...

    the system:
    I've used DEV-CPP on a win95...
    the final code should work with g++ on linux (mandrake AND FreeBSD if possible)

    so long
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    You should look into



    Please post your code and maybe someone could help out.

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    ok thanks...
    this should solve the first one of my problems...
    the other one (how to copy a file byte-wise) still exists and needs to be solved

    so long

    PS: to post the code might be a bit difficult since I wrote it on a non-net-pc at work

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