Thread: Please Help Salem, I give Up

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    Unhappy Please Help Salem, I give Up

    Hi m8
    ive just converted my nested if else's to a switch statement and im still have no end of trouble, could you please have a look at it quickly for me, im about to throw this machine out the window, ive been coding for 4 hours this morning and ive about had enough. please help

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    Well I don't know - what are you doing

    > void toUpperCase(char *, char *);
    This should have only one parameter, not two

    Then you would call it twice, like so

    I see you're trying to use the Hungarian naming convention by putting various letters in front of the names. Unfortunately, you've got it wrong, so its not helping you, and might actually be hindering you.

    > case "ONE":
    No - this doesn't work
    I don't know what you're trying to achieve here.

    I think you'd be better if the code went something like....
        if (strcmp( pNumberStringPtr, "ONE" ) == 0 )
            return 1;
        if (strcmp( pNumberStringPtr, "TWO" ) == 0 )
            return 1;
        if (strcmp( pNumberStringPtr, "THREE" ) == 0 )
            return 1;
    and you removed all the switch/case statements.

    > strcmp( pNumberStringPtr, "ONE" ) = 0
    This is also wrong, you should have == for comparision, this is an assignment (a bad one at that)
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    thanks for the reply salem, my internet connection didnt work all last night so i couldnt check my posting, ive got it sorted now, turned out you cant switch a pointer, i ended up doing like you suggested,

    with respect to the void ........ (char *, char *)
    you need to do that to pass two different char pointers to a function. whether that is good practice or not i dont know though.


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