Thread: Multiple variable cin line

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    Multiple variable cin line

    is it possible to do a multiple variable cin line

    user types:
    west 1200

    it activates an if statement for the string if the first variable is set to 'west' and then moves the character that many paces

    this is for a test-based rpg, sorry if this is the wrong board

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    like this?

    string direction;
    int paces;
    cin >> direction >> paces;
    if(direction == "west") {
      //move paces

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    I was just about to post that, I am way too slow But anyway, is this going to be like the game Zork, b/c if it is make sure to send me a copy!!! Zork is one of the best games ever, I would easily choose it over GTA: Vice City.
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    yes, it worked, thank you.

    edit, Unaminous> send me your email, and I'll put you on the beta-testing list, I already have someone to port it to mac.
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