Thread: Constructors, newbie question.

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    Constructors, newbie question.

    I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to C++ and I have a question.

    AFAIK, constructors cannot return anything. So how can the constructor let the function making an instance of the class in question know that something has gone wrong?

    Iish, that was a mouthful. Sorry.

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    The only way would be to set a flag in the class, and hope that the user checks it before trying anything. Or maybe throwing an exception, but I don't know much about that.
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    That's easy. Install an error class which handles that. But what are you worried about? Bad alloc's? Programmer error? Using assert() is the way you detect programming errors early on, the only other real issue is memory allocation failure. But then, what really *can* you do about that but to bail out? Sure if you want to log something first, otherwise, just let it die - maybe the user will get a bigger harddrive then.
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