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    Question another simple question

    hi there,thanks for everyone,i have another question...
    i have a function in a dll( i wrote the dll using c++),and i need to call this function from VB program..
    the function in the dll is:

    char pppp[]="abcd";
    _declspec (dllexport) char *buff()


    return pppp;

    i used this in the vb module:
    Declare Function buff Lib "d:\dddd.dll" Alias "?buff@@YAPADXZ" () As long

    and this in the project:

    Private Sub Command3_Click()
    k = buff
    Print "k=" &k

    but i got the folowing strange result

    what is wrong

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    not sure if this is in the right forum and I don't really know VB but I think that VB requires PASCAL calling convention. This means that you should use __stdcall or __cdecl
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    Yes I believe you are correct. All BASICs use the PASCAL calling convention - MS seems obsessed with PASCAL calling convention - I'm sure there is good reason for it but still.

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