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    Question Barcodes

    Hello, I am posting a question for my father, I have gotten as much information as possible about his question, and I hope that it is aduequte, the first part is his question, the second part is an email he received from a tech administrator, that works with barcodes, thank you for your time and patience.

    "I need to print barcodes from my Borland c++ ver 5.02 program (this version of c++ is not builder) to an HP printer. I've tried quite a few different downloads from the internet but I haven't been able to get any of them to compile." Any Examples, or sites where I can get working examples would be apperciated.



    It seems to me that you don't want to use the ActiveX Control, but the DLL interface. Borland uses a different lib format than Visual C, so we created a lib file for Borland. It is included in the DLL sample. Download the sample for Borland C++, the subdir of the DLL sample contains the correct lib file.

    Info: we will release a new version V5 of TBarCode within the next weeks. I suggest that you evaluate TBarCode V4 to see how it works, but start programming your application using the new version. Or if you need it very quickly, tell me so I can send the new version to you.

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Harald Schuller

    If you guys need more information or anything that will help with this question in any way please let me know and ill talk to my dad and see what i can do, once again thank you for any help.

    Sincerly Robert Mckay

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    And your question is...

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    Any Examples, or sites where I can get working examples would be apperciated
    sorry, I don't know... just pointing out the question
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    Originally posted by Bug_less
    "I need to print barcodes from my Borland c++ ver 5.02 program
    The most important thing to have if you want to print barcodes is the right fonts. You happen to be in luck, as I have a fairly complete set of True Type barcode fonts that you can use free of charge. I can also help you with the code required to load and print with the fonts if you need help with that too. I don't want to write too much more just yet... as I suspect this thread may move in a direction that will result in it being deemed OT for this forum. I make no effort to hide the fact that one of my highest priorities is that of playing well with others. ;-)

    I suspect others here will want to experiment with these fonts too, so I am going to have to insist that all requests be made via email to:

    Don't forget to remove "I-HATE-SPAM" !


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