Thread: unhandled exception (URGENT)

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    Question unhandled exception

    Ive attached the .cpp file. Please do have a look at it.

    problem: its keeps giving the message that the system is unstable and to press to [T] to terminate...why? any possible solutions...

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    Hmm.. I dont see any attachments

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    lol i know i know

    i ve been trying to attach the bloomin file *pardon my french*
    lemme try it again

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    Some issues of netiquette to particularly note are:
    1. Don't use all caps
    2. Use descriptive subject lines
    3. Do not put URGENT!, or NEED HELP NOW, etc. in your title; it will not make people look at it any faster. Doing this makes many old time helpers on this board not look at the post at all.

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    any better now ?

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    i'd give you no more than a c- for lack of spacing your control statments. makes the code next to impossible to read.

    #include<iostream.h> should be

    what are you trying to do here
    int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode; line 393

    use int main() instead of void main(). dont ask me why.
    and i think textcolor, gotoxy, delay are undefined
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    the limits provided by time, complexity and tolerance.
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    At first I thought these people were all being picky but when I looked at the file I really had a problem to read. This file won't even compile on my computer and I don't even know where to begin to fix it. I can only suggest that you give yourself a set of rules about setting out your programming and follow them.
    Its a lot easier to solve problems when you know where things come from just by how far they are indeted and things like that.

    I know it may sound like we are all picking on you but we are jsut trying to make your life and our lives easier.

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    I had a look at it as well, but there is so much compiler specific stuff in there, I don't have time to try to fix it up so it'll compile. Where does it fail?
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    *embarasssed look*


    *ahem* words fail me after reading all of those posts... * embarassed look *.....

    ummm i"ll agree to the part of rating this work as a c-. I'm totally with ya on it. Have alwayz been a complete dufus when it comes to programming.

    I dont know why the code isnt compiling on ure side. *frown* I'm using Borlandc 3 version and everything compiles in there fine. Have realized my mistakes on my own. Got 'em fixed and everything is working fine. and last but not least, identation is something I havent gotten as yet. WIll work on it indefinitely as soon as my semester finishes.

    errr... Thankz joo all once again for at least trying to compile my code and the "picky" advices !

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