Thread: Uses for Void Pointers

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    Uses for Void Pointers

    Can someone please refresh my memory as to the uses of a void pointer?

     void *vPtr;
    ...I think it had something to do with creating pointers to functions, or typecasting, or something, but I just can't remember!

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    this seems to be coming up a lot. It's just a generic pointer. It can be used to hold a pointer to anything.
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    Just search this forum for "void pointer" and you will find what you are looking for.

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    Tried it. Read about 4 pages worth of stuff...nothing. Figured it'd be quicker to ask. I looked it up in my reference book, but it's not there....

    Ah, point to anything eh? Hmm...what use would this be? ....something to do with typecasting?
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