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    Design and Style Tips

    Just wondering what design and style techniques should be adhered to when developing a c++ namespace for use by the general public.

    On a side note, if anyone has any requests for items they would like to see in a mathematical related namespace then please post your opinions.


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    What do you mean "the general public"? Most end users of the programs we write won't ever see the underlying source code or even know about "namespaces". If you mean the "general programming community" or those who look at source code, then using consistent indentation, consistent approach to use of names for functions and variables, and a judicious use of comments seems the best approach in general. How you break up the pieces will depend on how big a project you are working on, who is working on each piece, etc. Those are things you can dictate from above, if you are project leader, or derive from concensus if you want to use a more democratic process.

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