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    To understand the question....

    class Date
    { //data
    	Date(int =1,int=1,int=1900);//default constructor
    	Date &setDate(int,int,int);		
    	Date &setMonth(int); //set month
    	Date &setDay(int); //set day
    	Date &setYear(int); //set year
    	int getMonth() const;
    	int getDay() const;
    	int getYear() const;
    	void print() const;  
    	int month;
    	int day;
    	int year;
    	// Date constructor with range checking
    	Date::Date(int m, int d, int y)	
    		month= (m > 0 && m<=12)? m:1;
    		day=(d>=1 && y<=31)?y:1; 
    		year=(y>=1900 && y <2500)? y:1900;
    	Date &Date::setDate(int m,int d,int y)
    		month= (m > 0 && m<=12)? m:1;
    		day=(d>=1 && d<=31)?d:1; 
    		year=(y>=1900 && y <2500)? y: 1900;
    		return *this;
    	//Set function
    	Date &Date::setMonth(int m)
    		month=(m > 0 && m<=12)? m:1;
    		return *this; //enables chaining
    	Date &Date::setDay(int d)
    		day=(d>=1 && d<=31)?d:1; 
    		return *this; //enables chaining
    	Date &Date::setYear(int y)
    		year=(y>=1900 && y <2500)? y: 1900;
    		return *this; //enables chaining
    	//Get function
    	int Date::getMonth() const
    	{ return month; }
    	int Date::getDay() const
    	{ return day;}
    	int Date::getYear() const
    	{ return year;}
    	//Display print function
    	void Date::print() const
    		cout<<month<<" "<< day<<" " << year<<"\n";
    //Just give me brief explaination and ideas.. to do.these .Thanks	
    //A method that takes two dates as arguments
    //and return true(or 1)provided the first date
    //occurs before the second date else return false(or 0)
    	//class earlier:public Date
    	//just tell me what should i do ? 
                   //do i need to get user keyin for two dates?
    //A method  Christmas which given a date, should return 
    //the number of days until the next Christmas day(December,25)
    	//class christmas:public Date
    	//just tell me what should i do?
    //Given two date,return no. of days between the given two dates.
    //For e.g. daysBetween(Date(12,4,1970),Date(22,4,1970) is 10.
    //The program should cope with dates having different months.
    	//class Compare:public Date
    	//just tell me what should i do...?
    	 Date d1;
    	 cout<<"Henry Birthday: ";
    		 return 0;

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