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    hmm help-

    Ok im having trouble compiling this. Its exactly what the book has written. I know that this book is out of standard (teach yourself c++ in 21 days).

      #include <iostream>
      typedef unsigned short int USHORT;
      typedef unsigned long int ULONG;
      enum BOOL { FALSE, TRUE};
      enum CHOICE { DrawRect = 1, GetArea, 
         GetPerim, ChangeDimensions, Quit};
      // Rectangle class declaration
      class Rectangle
          // constructors
          Rectangle(USHORT width, USHORT height);
          // accessors
          USHORT GetHeight() const { return itsHeight; }
          USHORT GetWidth() const { return itsWidth; }
          ULONG GetArea() const { return itsHeight * itsWidth; }
          ULONG GetPerim() const { return 2*itsHeight + 2*itsWidth; }
          void SetSize(USHORT newWidth, USHORT newHeight);
          // Misc. methods
          void DrawShape() const;
          USHORT itsWidth;
          USHORT itsHeight;
     // Class method implementations
     void Rectangle::SetSize(USHORT newWidth, USHORT newHeight)
        itsWidth = newWidth;
        itsHeight = newHeight;
     Rectangle::Rectangle(USHORT width, USHORT height)
        itsWidth = width;
        itsHeight = height;
     Rectangle::~Rectangle() {}
     USHORT DoMenu();
     void DoDrawRect(Rectangle);
     void DoGetArea(Rectangle);
     void DoGetPerim(Rectangle);
     int main ()
        // initialize a rectangle to 10,20
        Rectangle theRect(30,5);
        USHORT choice = DrawRect;
        USHORT fQuit = FALSE;
        while (!fQuit)
          choice = DoMenu();
          if (choice < DrawRect || choice >  Quit)
            std::cout << "\nInvalid Choice, please try again.\n\n";
          switch (choice)
          case  DrawRect:
          case GetArea:
          case GetPerim:
          case ChangeDimensions:
            USHORT newLength, newWidth;
            std::cout << "\nNew width: ";
            std::cin >> newWidth;
            std::cout << "New height: ";
            std::cin >> newLength;
            theRect.SetSize(newWidth, newLength);
          case Quit:
            fQuit = TRUE;
            std::cout << "\nExiting...\n\n";
            std::cout << "Error in choice!\n";
            fQuit = TRUE;
          }   // end switch
        }     // end while
        return 0;
     }       // end main
     USHORT DoMenu()
       USHORT choice;
        std::cout << "\n\n   *** Menu *** \n";
        std::cout << "(1) Draw Rectangle\n";
        std::cout << "(2) Area\n";
        std::cout << "(3) Perimeter\n";
        std::cout << "(4) Resize\n";
        std::cout << "(5) Quit\n";
      std::cin >> choice;
      return choice;
     void DoDrawRect(Rectangle theRect)
       USHORT height = theRect.GetHeight();
       USHORT width = theRect.GetWidth();
       for (USHORT i = 0; i<height; i++)
         for (USHORT j = 0; j< width; j++)
           std::cout << "*";
         std::cout << "\n";
     void DoGetArea(Rectangle theRect)
       std::cout << "Area: " <<  theRect.GetArea() << std::endl;
     void DoGetPerim(Rectangle theRect)
       std::cout << "Perimeter: " <<  theRect.GetPerim() << std::endl;
    COMPILER: DEV C++ (newest beta version)
    5 parse error before numeric constant
    48 variable or field `DoDrawRect' declared
    48 invalid conversion from `BOOL (*)(HDC__*,
    49 variable or field `DoGetArea' declared
    49 invalid conversion from `BOOL (*)(HDC__*,
    50 variable or field `DoGetPerim' declared
    50 invalid conversion from `BOOL (*)(HDC__*,
    [Warning] In function `int main()':
    55 `Rectangle' undeclared (first use this

    ++. many more.


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    Are those the only includes you have?
    It works fine here, too.

    Some of those, though, lead me to believe you either have a windows project going, or included <windows.h> -- your program shouldn't even know the existence of HDC, a typedef for HDC__* that is windows-specific. That also might explain FALSE and TRUE errors, if they're already defined. That error seems to indicate that FALSE is a #define for 0, TRUE a #define for 1, which makes the enum evaluate to

    enum BOOL { 0, 1};

    which of course is illegal.

    In fact, if I add #include <windows.h> I get errors at all the same places as you.
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    Yes that's the only include i have.
    If i comment out the enum bool part. I get one less error.

    It's not a windows project so its very strange.
    Maybe windows.h is included automatic in the newest beta version of Dev c++ for some reason.

    This me off

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    Have you downloaded the Borland 5.5 C++ compiler to try against that? As it's a free download from Borlands website, it would be a good test.

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    Probably some option you have set somewhere. I'll play around with Dev when I get home later to see what it might be.

    Might want to check in "Compiler Options" though for anything that might be linked in that seems out of place.
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    It works fine on Dev-C++ 4.01.

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