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    Post header

    i want the file graphics.h

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    what do you expect us to do about it?

    Look here

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    If your compiler doesn't already have a header, there's almost nothing you will gain by getting someone else's header, excepting in very limited cases (e.g. template libraries, or headers that define no functions).

    Without the libraries that go with it, graphics.h is useless. Further, it's nonstandard and the library is most likely copyrighted, so it wouldn't even be legal to share.


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    This might help but please check with Google before posting a question like that. Or, if you really don't like google or any search engine please state an actual problem rather than a simple desire, no one cares to hear "i want...".

    oh and as a note, the above link is assuming your using MSVC++ 6.0 like most people. Otherwise try your luck with:

    Google search for Graphics.h

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