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    Question Help Please!!!!

    This is my problem:
    Use classes and write a program that creates a small personal phone database. Store a list of names and phone numbers in a file and read it into linked list. Your main program should include a loop and a menu with the following options:
    1) List all (show at least 10)
    2) Look up number and display name
    3) Change phone number
    4) Add a new name
    5) Delete a name
    6) Exit

    I understand how to use linked lists, however I'm bad at setting up the classes... can anyone help me out please!

    Junior CIS Major - Towson U

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    Classes are quite a difficult concept to grasp


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    This is the kind of broad homework question we ask that people don't ask. For a couple reasons, both because people won't answer it, and because it defeats the purpose of figuring things out that programming encourages. (See the Annoucement for more details)

    Try setting up the classes yourself, if you still have trouble after you try come back and ask a more specific question, or ask for someone to elaborate on the concept for you I'm sure someone will be glad to help you then.

    You can get some more starting info on the Tutorials section of the site: (lesson 12 i think).

    Good Luck

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