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    Help on definitions

    I need help in the following definitions: ptr, foo.

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    Personally, I thinks its all to easy to get carried away with over-decoration of variable names.
    ... What he said.

    Variable names along the lines of m_sprgszName are just painful.

    One other fairly common practice is to have pointer typedefs. If you hade a linked list, and dealt mostly with node*s instead of nodes, you might have:

    typedef node* node_ptr;
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    foo is just a common arbitrary name for something, often a function. It is commonly used in combination with another name called bar:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    void foo()
      cout << "Hello" ;
    void bar()
      cout << " World!" << endl;
    int main()
       return 0;
    I suppose you could use somehting like jumpin and jehosephat instead of foo and bar, but foo-bar has some funny historical implications, sorta like "Kilroy was here", so it has just stuck.

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