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    Question Options for writing to files

    I've got 4 c++ books and a reference book, but they still leave a lot to be desired. For some reason, I/O is just not covered very well. I've also been googling but haven't found all the answers I need yet.

    I have a structure with 2 char arrays and an integer. What I'm trying to do is learn all the ways this structure can be written to a file.

    I first tried the following example without the 'endl' commands but it wrote all the data on one line. I had expected ofstream to read and include the null terminators in the char arrays, but it doesn't? So I added them myself and it seemed to work fine.
    outfile << rec.first << endl << rec.second << endl << rec.num;
    I've also read some about write() and put(). Are these the only 3 methods available?

    And could you give me a small example of how I would write the structure with write() and put() and which one of the 3 is preferable in various situations? Thanks.

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    Iostream methods

    If your trying to write object to file that means to serialization, check out this page. Hope it helps.

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