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    Do you learn about file input and output in C++?

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    uhhhhh........ .... what?

    Isn't that like saying do you learn about bread in sandwiches?

    C++ has file I/O, yes. If you're looking for info on it check out the FAQ for links to some tutorials on the subject. Actually me website has a couple of really simple file manipulation examples as well.
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    Does anyone really know the difference between C and C++? Cause I'd really like to know. 
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    well C++ has two + signs that C doesn't.

    To me those plus signs those plus signs represent 1) extension of the C language to include use of objects and 2) an improved type checking mechanism that improves stability and robustness of programs.

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    access drives

    I mean do you have the ability to access the drives with C++ and write to a file, etc.
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