Thread: Updating Dev-C++'s MinGW compiler

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    Updating Dev-C++'s MinGW compiler

    I noticed the version of MinGW that comes bundled with the Dev-C++ IDE is almost a year old. I went to but there's so many files for download, I don't know which ones I need!

    Does anyone know which of these files I should download and what I should do with them?


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    dev c++ is great!

    Hi, I have been using dev in place of an absent vc++, but it can do

    most of the things of vc++. Do you really need the latest compiler?

    You'll find that most of the PL software is of a very high standard

    and when they fix something, it's only very minor. Wait 'til you

    can't do some task (if not already!) and then dl the latest.

    Just my view on it.
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    If you want the Release Candidate then download:

    If you want the current release:

    Happy coding

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