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    problem if statement

    When I insert the below code into my program, I get a core. Can somebody maybe point out any obvious problems? Thanks in advance:

    if(mfileInfo.GetName().data() != NULL) {
    if(mfileInfo.GetName() == *(mfileList_m[index]->getName())) {
    else {
    continue; //this group of if's is in a for loop.

    mfileInfo.GetName().data() returns a char*, so is it legal to do a (char* != NULL)? I have a feeling that it is that line that is hosing me up.

    And just so you have more info: mfileInfo.GetName() is a CSIString whereas mfileList[index]->getName() is a CSIString*

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    Your char* might be initialized to god knows where. A NULL check could not prevent that. Without more code, we can't know.

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    If you are trying to compare 2 char[] use strcmp(). Could be almost anything.
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