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    checking type of class

    There is a mammal class and dog + cat inherit mammal.

    If I had a function to which you pass a mammal pointer but it is intended to be passed a dog or cat, how could you check what type of class was passed?

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    I donīt know if typeid works with polimorphism, but you could store a string in the class that says what it is
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    I'm not sure why you would need to know. If you are passing a base class pointer to some function you should probably be changing / setting things that are common members in the base class. I guess you could use typeid if you really wanted to but, imo, for the case you are describing it would be poor design.
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    I agree with MrWizard, but if you really need to, here are a couple ideas:

    // Not a particularly good idea...
    class base
       std::string type_;
       base(std::string str) : type_(str) {}
       virtual std::string type() const;
    class a : public base
       a() : base("a") {}
    // later on...
    voif foo(base* x)
       if(x->type() == "a") ...
    The other possibility is to dynamic_cast:

    // A slightly better idea
    template<typename T, typename U>
    bool is_type(U* x)
       return (dynamic_cast<T*>(x) != 0);
    // later on...
    void foo(mammal* x)
       if(is_type<cat>(x)) ...
    Again, you really shouldn't need to no in most cases, and there usually is a better was around.
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