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    Question extra braces inside main

    I ran across this code and was wondering what the extra braces are there for?

    int main()
      const int sz = 100; // Buffer size;
      char buf[sz];
        ifstream in("Strfile.cpp"); // Read
        assure(in, "Strfile.cpp"); // Verify open
        ofstream out("Strfile.out"); // Write
        assure(out, "Strfile.out");
        int i = 1; // Line counter
        // A less-convenient approach for line input:
        while(in.get(buf, sz)) 
          in.get(); // Throw away next character (\n)
          cout << buf << endl; // Must add \n
          out << i++ << ": " << buf << endl;
     } // Destructors close in & out
    } ///:~

    It seems very odd to me but compiled fine when i removed the assure function calls. I also removed the ofstream stuff, but i think it would compile with that in there also
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    They have no purpose in the posted code, other than to potentially prevent all variables declared in there from being used in the code after the last red }.

    They just define another scope block. As a result, all variables declared inside that block, exist only until that block ends, then they're gone.

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