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    DLL class member functions


    I have a group of functions that are part of a class. The class is called CONNECTION and the three functions (SendBinary, SendText and SendCGI) are all member functions that may be updated as I think if better ways to do what they do.

    I am trying to decide whether I should put them in a DLL or not, and even if it is possible to have member functions of a class (I'll keep the class in the main source form for now) in a DLL.

    If it is possible, could anyone point out any differences there might be from loading a regular function?

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    regular exported functions are __stdcall functions roughly meaning right to left calling convention and no name mangling. member functions are __thiscall which means that a "this" pointer is added as a parameter. Plus, name mangling can and does happen.

    I don't export classes directly. I use pointers to interfaces. I model this after COM roughly. You need a single exported DLL function to do this. GetNewObject() or something. There is a lot to getting this right. You should look at an explanation of COM.

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