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    Question ostringstream question

    Ok, I've posted about this before but this one is for after I tried something someone suggested about replacing a big ol' case statement with this ostringstream to help reduce the code a lot. It makes sense but the compiler doesn't seem to like it so I guess I'm doing it wrong. I'm trying to make a file name out of an int and a piece of text...a filename that I can actually use (i.e. open and read from). How do I make it use it correctly after I make the filename with ostringstream?

    Stink, I don't have the error messages from the compiler atm but I'll be back to post those soon. Sorry. Thanks for any advice you could throw my way.


    void Hanzi::DisplayRads(int r)
      ifstream infile;
      ostringstream name;
      int i = r;
      name << "rad" << i << ".txt" << flush;
      cout << "\nname is " << name.str() << endl;
      string name2 = name.str();
      cout << name2 << endl;
        cout << "Aw, bummer, the file didn't open!\n";
      { char arry[120]; 
        int count = -1;
        for(int a=0; a<1; a++)
        { infile.getline(arry[++count], 80, '\n');
        for(int b=0; b<60; b++)
        { if((b=0) || (b%2 == 0))
            cout << b+1 << ". " << arry[b];
            cout << "\t" << b+1 << ". " << arry[b] << endl;
      }        //if(infile) else
    }              //Hanzi::DisplayRads

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