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    Red face C++: String to Integer cast

    I have a string, taken via a substring. I need to convert it into an integer. The string is of class string. I.e.:

    string line;
    // line inputs from a file...
    int index= line.find(' ',0);
    string temp= line.subt(0, index);
    I know that temp is a number...because the file I'm inputting from has the following line (I checked the value of line, it's correctly inputted):

    1 -1 -1 1.

    How can I convert it?


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    #include <cstdlib>
    int i = atoi(temp.c_str());
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    Whoa, thanks. Simple solution. My copyover into a char array was really messed anyway...peace!


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    Does any bother to look through THE FAQ nodays???
    01000111011011110110111101100100 011101000110100001101001011011100110011101110011 01100100011011110110111001110100 01100011011011110110110101100101 01100101011000010111100101110011 0110100101101110 01101100011010010110011001100101
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