What does this code do?
It doesn't really do anything, except draw a small character-based rectangle from top to bottom, left to right ( it looks like a window)... Eventually this rectangle will evolve into something like a menu or window to give a message or something... It supposed to work like a real GUI, if the window ever appears over some text in the console, it should look as if it never overwrote it when its erased... so far, I have accomplished this. However, I don't like the way my code looks... I know it definitely isn't profressional. I would like anyone who wants to spare the time to take a look at it and tell me what you would do differently... thats it(That includes everything, from what to make private, public, or even changeing the way the code looks etc...)

There is not a lot of code at all, and it "should" be very easy to understand(Its newbie stuff).

The problem.
The way I got the window to remember what was at the location it overwrote to replace it later... just doesn't look right... thats all I can say.. everytime I look at the code, I keep thinking I came up with a lousy way to replace what the window overwrote... (for example: char character[25][81], and unsigned short attribute[25][81] : I don't like the look of those.)

Another thing is, variables that others might want to make private in there class; I see no need to?

I can't think... and I'm getting mad eye fatigue... I am sure there are run-ons etc... and I probably didn't explain things very well.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

BTW- You need MSVC++ to compile project.