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    Post a big problem

    can any1 tell me wut's the problem of this code:
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
    int choice;
    cout<<"Please choose: \n";
    cout<<"1.ID program\n";
    cout<<"2.2nd program\n";
    cout<<" I Choose:";

    cout<<"ok lets start!\n";
    cout<<"Welcome to shady's first c++ program\n";
    cout<<"wut's ur name?\n";
    char name[50],action[50];
    cin.getline (name, sizeof (name));
    cout<<"Welcome "<<name <<"\n";
    cout<<"wut do u wanna do? \n";
    cin.getline (action, sizeof (action));
    cout<<"no u can't "<<action <<"\n";

    cout<<"ok lets start!\n";
    cout<<"Welcome to shady's second c++ program\n";
    char name[90];
    cout<<"wut's ur name?\n";
    cin.getline(name, sizeof (name));
    cout<<"wut's your gender? \n";
    char gender[90];
    cin.getline(gender, sizeof (gender));
    cout<<"wut's ur birthdate?\n";
    char birthdate[90];
    cin.getline(birthdate, sizeof (birthdate));
    cout<<"Your name: "<<name <<"\n";
    cout<<"Your gender: "<<gender <<"\n";
    cout<<"Your birthdate: "<<birthdate <<"\n";
    if (choice==3)
    cout<<"This is not an option";
    return 0;

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    1st, use code tags and indent. makes code easier to read.

    2nd, use endl at the end of your cout statements, it flushes the buffer and causes a "\n" internally.

    3rd, your ifs on 2 and 3 should be "else if"

    4th, don't you want to loop and do the menu again if you aren't choosing 3?
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    You will also need to add cin.ignore() after cin>>choice. It will get rid of the return at the end of the string, so your first getline in the IF (whichever is executed) won't be empty.
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    What exactly are you having problems with?

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