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    String C /C++

    When i want to use a string in C I tell my compiler to make an array of chars (e.g. char myString[15]), but in C++ theres a special datatype (string) to declare a string.. can i still use the C way in C++ or what would you recommend,
    In my opinion the array-approach is the best but then again i started C++ 10 minutes ago.. can anyone tell me a bit more about it?

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    Actually I beg to differ, the string class is much more flexible than an array. The method to use it is below.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main(void)
         string str;
         cout<<"Enter your name.\n";
         cout<<"Hello "<<str<<"!"<<endl;
         return 0;
    The string class method allows you to input as many characters as your memory can handle! Whereas to come close you would have to dynamically allocate memory in a string. Or possibly use a the vector array.

    I'm about an intermediate programmer to be honest. I use the string method to read from files, it's my prefered method. Although, I do use strings I dynamically allocate its more work doing so.

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    I found a solution to my problem.. I use vectors now

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    To get the above code to work you'll need to add the line
    using namespace std;
    below the includes. Also, stdlib.h is a deprecated header, it's preffered to use cstdlib.
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    yes i knew that but thanks anyway

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