Thread: can "this" fail?

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    can "this" fail?

    Using MSVC 6

    I have a class, and I'm relying on the "this" keyword quite a bit to perform some operations. There's a bug in the class, and I've been looking for it for quite a while - it compiles and everything, just doesn't work quite write. I think it's mostly fixed. But I decided to start up the debugger to see if that could help me at all, and in one of the MSVC debugging windows, I got the message
    this CXX0017: Error: symbol "this" not found

    I suspect that it is possible that this is the root of the error, but I have no idea how "this" could not be found... what is it telling me? Are there instances in which you can't use "this," or instances in which it fails?

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    The debugger not finding 'this' seems to be something related entirely to the debugger. 'this' is valid anywhere inside the class (i.e., the symbol is defined), and as it compiles, you obviously are not using it anywhere it is not defined. Unless you call 'delete this' (which really shouldn't happen often), 'this' should not be failing... at least not consistently like this.

    Try narrowing the bug down by making functions simply dummy functions until it runs without crashing.

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    AAAAAAAAAHHHH! I want to kill myself! (Volk will be happy...inside joke) I just stepped through for like 30 minutes. I spotted this

    if (previousnode->next=node)

    Everything is now beautiful.

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    >>I want to kill myself!

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    Are there instances in which you can't use "this,"
    Although you have found the problem, it is worth noting that there is an instance where you can't use this.

    You don't get a this pointer with a static member function.

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