Thread: Any body read this book b4?

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    Any body read this book b4?

    I know there is about millions of thread about books. And i have a quick look of them. And i also have a flick through all of them in the bookshop. Each look very very wordy at things.....

    I search on amazon and found this book called

    Learning to Program With C++ by John Smiley

    Which is the best selling book in C++ programming catagories and also very high ratings.

    I am wondering if any body here has read this book b4. And what do u think of it.

    Are there any books that brings beginner all the way to a pro ........ or do you generally need more than one book??

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    You will definitely need more than one book. You'll need at least one to learn C++, although learning everything about standard C++ from just one book would be impressive all by itself. But as soon as you want to program something for Windows, or Linux, or do anything that isn't in console mode, you'll have to learn an API... meaning... more books.

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    I was not impressed with his book- there are better ones out there. Check this site and the web.
    Mr. C: Author and Instructor

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    OK........ i went on to the site and read a sample chapter............

    I must say that it explain things in a easiest way to understand........

    However........... i am not quite sure if i like this sort of convensation style of books.

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    Is thinking in C++ for beginners?

    Should dive into it or should i read another introductory book first?

    I do know a little ( a least conceptial wise ) about C.

    But i search on the internet many people suggest this is THE book, while some say it is not for beginners.....

    As i matter of fact, i just don't know if i am really a beginner or not.

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