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    char variable type

    I'm writing a program right now that takes your name and some others names and puts them in a story that makes fun of you...

    char name;
    cout << "Please enter your first name:" << endl;
    cin >> name;
    When I enter a name, it only takes the first letter of it, how can I make it take the whole name ?

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    char is only a 1-character data type.

    You can use std::string from <string> (recommended):

    std::string name;
    cin >> name;

    or you can use character arrays:

    char name[32];
    cin.get(name, 32); // Prevents buffer overflow.
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    Thumbs up ok!

    Thanks man, you've been helpful!
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    >>cin.get(name, 32); // Prevents buffer overflow.
    A word on sync with istream.
    I never get it to work correct with the cygwin port of gcc,so it seems not to be portable.
    And this thread on comp.lang.c++ agrees

    The sole purpose of 'sync()' is to bring the
    internal and the external view of a stream into synchronization. Typically
    this means to flush an output buffer. Often, this does not touch an input
    buffer at all although a stream buffer might bring the internal input
    buffer into synchronization with the external view if this has changed,
    eg. due to another program modifying a file.

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