Thread: embedded MySQL .exe incompatibility ?

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    embedded MySQL .exe incompatibility ?

    i've finished a small client program to handle
    a MySQL db on a remote server.
    The cmd line app works fine with the db on localhost
    and with the exactly same db on the remote host
    through a modem connection with the Internet.

    The problem is that when i execute it on Win 2000 box
    i manage to connect to the db server but all functions
    that issue a SQL query return an error saying that i have no
    SELECT privilege which is certainly not the case.

    Could it be the <winsock.h> header responsible for not being backwards compatitible ?

    The .exe is accompanied with "libmySQL.dll"
    compiled with VC++ 6.0 on Win XP
    MySQL API used from MySQL distribution v 4.0.12
    all code is written in std C++
    the remote server is a Linux box

    It's really outrageous and funny for a simple cmd line
    app to have minimum requirements Win XP!
    Any suggestions?

    many thanks for tolerating me
    so far...
    to boldy code where...

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    It doesn't sound like a "minimum requirement" problem, rather, it's a permissions issue. Just like what it's telling you. It's sounds like it's basicly saying you don't have administrative rights with the user you are signed on. Sign on as an admin and your problem will likely be solved.

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