Thread: anyone using please help...

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    anyone using please help...

    i am using visual studio .net but i cant build a project by using a c++ file, which is wriiten in Vc++ 6.0.

    i have try to open a project for it and copy the program code to replace the old one but error said that unexpected end of file found.( it is a win 32 console application)

    by the way, when i open a new project, there are coding in the cpp file. i should replace the code can i?

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    Can you post the complete error message ?

    If you are not using precompiled headers ( if you don't know what I mean, you aren't using them ) turn the option off. Somewhere in the options of the preprocessor.

    Besides this point, if you make a new empty project of the type you need and insert your code file. It should compile and run fine.

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