Thread: That Dang Activex Microsoft Multimedia 6.0 Control

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    Angry That Dang Activex Microsoft Multimedia 6.0 Control

    I used a book that had the code for creating a player. Once the code goes to

    m_mci.create("Mediaaudio", ....., this, rect, VS_VISIBLE..., NULL);

    it crashes.

    The Cwnd for this tries to create a the crlsite->CWND???? and crashes

    Will somebody please supply the code for a simple wav player PLLLLLLLLLEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE. The internet has alot of crap these days


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    >>> simple wav player

    Look up the PlaySound() API function.
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    1) Windows programming question.
    2) Post more code, it's impossible to know what your problem is from one line. It IS good that you've narrowed it to that one line. Most importantly, what is the class of "m_mci"? You're obviously not using WinAPI as you're using classes, is this MFC or is it a custom wrapper class?

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