Thread: I need some direction...

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    I need some direction...

    Well, I am a newbie to programming in general and I need someone to clear some things up for me PLEASE. I am wanting to make programs with windows(like microsoft visual basic kind of program). Is C++ what i need?
    Also, I have been reading some things about Visual C++ too... Is that the same as C++?

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    Yes, C++ is what you need.

    Yes, Visual C++ is the same as C++. Visual C++ is a C++ compiler. Just like BASIC has many compilers (QBasic, Visual Basic, FirstBasic, PowerBasic, DarkBasic, GamesBasic), so does C++. C++ has compilers like Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland Turbo C++, DJGPP, and several others.

    There are some differences between them all, though.

    Just like Visual Basic can only do Windows appz, while Qbasic can only do DOS apps, the same is true with some C++ compilers:

    Visual C++: Windows only (the interface is not really visual)
    Borland C++: Windows and DOS
    Borland C++ Builder: Windows (the interface is much like VB's)
    Turbo C++: i'm not sure on this...i know it can do DOS...not sure about windows...
    DJGPP: DOS, including 32bit DOS.
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    Thanks alot! That cleared things up...Thank You

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