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    Save data

    I am planning to write a MFC program that is dialog based which will be used to gather user input. From that, I want to run some benchmarking tests which could lead to the rebooting and even simulating power downs of the system.

    So my question is this, how can I keep the variables that the user has entered in the dialog for reference? Ultimatly, I would like to clear the variables from the dialog at the push of a button, not anytime prior.

    Appreciate the help and please, keep it short. I hate to take away time from your other activities.

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    explain what you need help with...

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    Create a structure containing the data you need. Either pass this as a reference to the dialog (so that it stores the input in that specific structure), or have a call to return an instance of the structure when the dialog closes (say, in a close event handler, store the structure in a list of other such structures). If you need to keep it around through a reboot, then just save it to disk.

    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Zach L.

    Something I'll look at.

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