Thread: Escape sequence of interest?

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    Escape sequence of interest?

    Saying I c-out the following...

    cout << "Is there such a";

    Then I call the escape sequence \b... now the cursor will be under 'a' in my static string. Saying I wanted to erase 'a' now, but just 'a' after going back a space. Is there an escape sequence to do this? How would I be able to detete just this? The reason I am asking, is because I am making a simple 2D game to test my skills with matrix arrays and everytime I move the player on the screen it is leaving a copy of itself behind. Thanks!

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    You would probably be better off redrawing the screen everytime the character moved. You can have a 2D array that keeps track of everything on screen, and every time your character moves you redraw it.

    But otherwise to do what you are asking, you would simply put a space or ' ' character in your characters place. There is no standard escape character for a delete.
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    ahh, I knew it was something simple. Thanks again for all your help.

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