Thread: newbie wonders how to start c++

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    newbie wonders how to start c++

    ok, here is the problem
    i need a real life project to learn stuff like this. at least this is how i learned asp and php... u know, u face problems that u have never thought about during these projects in contrast to problems faced while reading tutorials telling you to print hello world on the screen, calculate the area of a rectangle, or creating a simple object... (i already know these)

    i found some online syllabuss but while some are just simple, some are just too much (involving graphic stuff)

    does anyone have a suggestion for me regarding how to move to the next stage? anything that is comprehensive and challenging enough for a beginner would do...

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    tic tac toe done in console is pretty easy, especially if you don't do any AI. Can you make that? If not, start there.

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    Why not just get a book and look at the more advanced exercises?

    Sorry, I'm not thinking of any good problems right now... Tic Tac Toe is good and it gives you practice with two-dimensional arrays. (So does Connect-Four, I had to do that for a Java class.) The class where I learned C++ was actually a Data Structures class, so unless you want to implement an infix to postfix parser or a B+ tree, I don't have any good ideas for you!
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    Try reading through some of the contest ideas here, maybe you'll find something to do there.
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