Thread: Quitting a Program.

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    Question Quitting a Program.

    I'm fairly new to C++(don't know much more than the basics), and I am making a simple text-based DOS RPG.

    Anyway, what I am looking for is a command that will exit my program(not 'return 0' ).

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    You can use exit(0); to terminate program, but you should include the <cstdlib> library...

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    Ok, Thanks.
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    1.) if you use 'exit();' your OS is responsible for doing all the cleanup. Win9x-systems do get instable after several exit();'s while WinNT-systems incorporate more advanced memory management.

    2.) You almost certaily should not be using exit() from a C++ application. It violates some basic design principles of the C++ language. Most importantly it does not call destructors for automatic variables (non-static local variables) so it does not allow for "clean-up operators" to be performed. Mostly exit() is a C function that has been ported into C++, but should no longer be used.

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