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    Lightbulb Boggle board help

    Okay I have decided to make a working
    boggle game and it looks good so far its just that I don't have the intricate part of searching a matrix (an apmatrix actually and yes I did jack that s*it)

    Anyway I don't where to start anly because I like how my game works so far
    (outputs the board,shows a timer, and if need be can find a word in a dictionary)

    I just don't how the best way is to search a board for a word

    So any suggestions or code would greatly be appreciated thanks

    Heres what it looks like so far
    Boggle Screenshot
    I need MONEY more than help with My C++ so yeah you get the idea

    C notes preferably LOL

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    That will have to be solved recursively with a function that checks all the letters adjacent to a letter, forming strings, and checking the strings in the dictionary. When you encounter a string that doesn't match the beginning of a word in the dictionary (like zq) you can stop the recursion at the q and move on to a different second letter. I doubt that it will be easy to program, but it isn't horribly hard.

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    Just FYI, your screenshot image didn't load in my browser... of course I'm using IE 5.1 for Macintosh so maybe that's why... (hey, I'm at work, I don't have a choice!)
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