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    C++ tasks

    I have just started to learn c++ and have been able to write some simple DOS programs. I have a book and its going ok so far. However, when i learn a new thing such as arrays, the book shows examples which i understand but i would like some exercises to practise the new bits to remember them better.

    Is there a web site that has exercises of programs for example: create a program to add up 2 numbers etc. I am sure that this will benifit many others who are also learning new things in c++

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    I recommend designing your own programs.


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    Here are a couple programs you can try writing:

    That's my school's intro to comp sci homework assignments, though I remember doing about three more than the ones listed, the last 3 of which were concerning classes. Atleast it might help in giving you something to try and tackle.

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    I recommmend on not writing a book
    I need MONEY more than help with My C++ so yeah you get the idea

    C notes preferably LOL

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    Program ideas:
    -A little game
    -Learn about file i/o and make a program to write something (like a soccer schedule and email it)
    -Play any card games? I made a Yu-Gi-Oh LP calculator
    -Make a math program (gives you two random numbers then you multiply them and see how far you can go)

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