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    Creating Files

    I want to know how to create files in a specific directory, like placing it in exactly C:\Program Files\myfile\w00t.txt, and not just putting it in C:\C compiler\bin\myfile\w00t.txt. so far, i've been using fstream, but i know there are other ways

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    Easy! just put C:\Program Files\myfile\w00t.txt instead of w00t.txt...

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    ofstream out( "C:\\Program Files\\myfile\\w00t.txt" );
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    But what if you would make a loop within the program?? Would it create a text file over and over and over and over and over and over again??

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    What if you would change this:

    ofstream out( "C:\\Program Files\\myfile\\w00t.txt" );

    Into this:

    ofstream out( "C:\\Program Files\\myfile\\w00t.exe" );

    And if the program would be 'evil' and self-replicating.. than.. well, you know what

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    it would make it obvious which program was doing it if you did it that way, and it would keep overwriting the same file... you'd have to use a variable that changes with each loop to create mulitple files, and the system would most likely stop it very fast...
    ofstream out;
    int i;
    char filename[256];
       strcpy(filename,"C:\\Program Files\\myfile\\w00t.exe");
    i'm not sure if that works, but you could try it... i would make teh loop alot smaller tho...
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