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    Argument passing

    This may be a bit of a newbie question but here goes anyway.

    I'm writing a very cpu intensive program and therefore want to optimize as much as possible. I just wanted to know if passing objects by pointer is faster than passing them by reference. It would seem to me that both methods should be about the same, but I would like the opinion of someone more knowledgeable than myself. Thanks.

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    I e-mailed bjarne stroustrup (creator of c++) about this a year ago, and he said there's no difference.
    A quote from it: ('>' is me, he responds)
    >this makes a potential scanf in c++ more elegant to use, and to create. my
    >point is that this seemingly easy to implement idea is neglected in C but
    >added in C++ on the basis of its relationship to the equivalent assembly
    >language commands.
    >what do you think? thank you for your time.

    Remember that access through a reference will involve exactly the same machine
    operations as access through a pointer for equivalent uses.

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