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    Input stream format

    I need to write some code that will read in some numbers in various formats. The problem is that there are a few different ways the numbers can be arranged.

    n1 n2 n3


    n1/n2 n3/n4 n5/n6


    n1/n2/n3 n4/n5/n6 n7/n8/n9

    This is relatively easy to solve with scanf but as my project is in C++ and I'm using streams everywhere else, I would like to solve this using streams as well.

    I would appreciate some help on how to solve this problem. Thanks.

    P.S. In case anybody is curious the above is a graphics format. We can either have 3 vertices alone, 3 vertices along with their corresponding texture coordinates, or 3 vertices along with their texture coordinates and normals.

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    >>n1/n2 n3/n4 n5/n6
    	ifstream file("test.txt");
    	vector<pair<double,double> > values;
    	typedef vector<pair<double,double> >::const_iterator citer;
    	double val1 = 0,val2 = 0;
    	char c = 0;
    		file >> val1 >> c;
    		if( || c != '/')
    		file >> val2;
    	for(citer i = values.begin();i != values.end();++i)
    		cout << i->first << '/' << i->second << '\n';

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